KKBS has extensive experience and notable successes in prosecuting complex, national and international antitrust cases. We have witnessed far too many times the ability large corporations have to fix prices, restrict supply, stifle innovation and harm growing companies, entrepreneurs, governments and consumers. Such actions and conduct by large corporations gave rise to the nation’s first antitrust laws more than a century ago.

Today, our antitrust practice has successfully prosecuted numerous antitrust cases and has been successful in providing remedies and restitution for consumers, businesses and investors wronged by anti-competitive conduct.

We provide aggressive representation on behalf of businesses and consumers who have fallen victim to unlawful antitrust practices and who seek restitution and fair business practices.  Some of the typical types of antitrust violations we handle include:

  • Monopolization and oligopolization (using monopoly position to raise prices)
  • Price fixing (conspiring with competitors to fix prices)
  • Tying (forcing the purchase of a second product or service to obtain the desired product or service.)

KKBS has an outstanding track record litigating cases alleging violations of the antitrust laws both at the state and federal levels. California law, under the Cartwright Act, and federal law, under the Sherman and Clayton Acts, prohibit trade practices that undermine competition and unfairly raise prices.

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