Practice Areas

antitrust law


KKBS has extensive experience and notable successes in prosecuting complex, national and international antitrust cases. We have witnessed far too many times the ability large corporations have to fix prices, restrict supply, stifle innovation and harm growing companies, entrepreneurs, governments, and consumers. More

Business Litigation

Business Litigation

KKBS provides zealous representation of businesses (large and small) covering a wide range of issues and various areas of the law that businesses must navigate through. Our unique financial accounting background allows us to understand your business needs and how to best represent your interests in today’s competitive economic environment. More

Consumer Protection

Consumer Protection

KKBS provides aggressive representation on behalf of consumers in a wide range of areas, including false advertising, unconscionable pricing, charging for services that were never provided, cellular telephone disputes, rental car disputes, and many other areas of consumer law. We strive to protect consumers like you, as we would our friends and family, from unjust business practices. More

Copyright Litigation

We represent parties involved in copyright disputes with an emphasis on disputes arising from alleged violations committed on websites or by online service providers (“OSPs”). While copyright holders have broad rights to enforce their copyrights regardless of where infringements occur, violations involving acts committed in cyberspace add additional complexities when determining parties’ respective rights. More

FINRA Arbitration

FINRA Arbitration is a private process operated by the FINANCIAL INDUSTRY REGULATORY AUTHORITY (“FINRA”) to resolve disputes between investors and investment brokers. Most brokerage accounts contain an agreement to submit all disputes to FINRA arbitration. More

personal injury

Personal Injury

KKBS provides aggressive representation for clients who have sustained personal injury or property damage. With KKBS by your side, you will have attorneys with decades of experience passionately advocating on your behalf. More

Proposition 218 Litigation

After Proposition 218 was passed and enacted on July 1, 1997, a local government’s ability to charge and assess fees and taxes became restricted. Now, no property-related fees, such as water and sewer fees, may exceed the cost attributable to the property-owners land. More



Have you suffered financial loss from investments due to your investment broker’s or financial adviser’s mismanagement of your investments? Or do YOU feel your investment broker has taken advantage of you by excessively trading your account and overcharging commissions? These are some examples of the more common complains people have against their investment firms. More