Our firm will always provide you with experienced, passionate and innovative representation by attorneys dedicated to helping you efficiently resolve a variety of legal issues. By implementing “green practices,” KKBS now offers the same legal services you have grown accustomed to with increased efficiency, around-the-clock access, and lower overhead resulting from implementation of the latest and most secure industry-standard electronic data management coupled with a reduced carbon footprint. Now both you and the environment can win!

Certified Climate Challenge Partner and Leader

Proud Partner of the Environmental Protection Agency & American Bar Association Climate Challenge

 As a partner of the Climate Challenge, KKBS has implemented best business practices that meet or exceed established guidelines by the Environmental Protection Agency and the American Bar Association.  These guidelines include meeting at least two of the following three criteria below:

  • Ensure at least 90% of office paper is composed of at least 30% post-consumer recycled content
  • Recycle at least 90% of discarded mixed office paper
  • Implement a policy of double-sided copying and printing for internal documents

Adoption of Paperless Technologies

 KKBS has always strived to serve its clients with the same efficiency and security we would use if representing our own friends and family. Due to recent technological innovations, including the proliferation of cloud-computing services and tablet computers, KKBS has been able to reduce the use of paper in the office while gaining the additional benefit of being able to securely access client documents from anywhere at anytime. This gives us the ability to offer around-the-clock service to you.

Energy-Star Certified Building

KKBS is located in the heart of downtown San Diego, California in an Energy-Star Certified Office Building. As experienced class action attorneys, we know that the most meaningful and impactful outcomes generally result from the joint efforts of many participants. For this reason, we are committed as a firm to contributing toward more sustainable and environmentally responsible business practices. Working in an Energy-Star Certified Building is just one more way we put our money where our mouth is.

To learn more about Energy Star, visit: www.energystar.gov

Reduced Carbon Emissions Delivered Daily

At KKBS, our employees travel embracing green transportation. Pull in to our parking lot and you will notice that multiple partners and associates own hybrid vehicles or various certified low emission vehicles (LEV). In addition, we are conveniently located next to both Trolley and Amtrak stations allowing clients to visit our offices without setting foot inside a vehicle!

KKBS in the Community 

The attorneys of KKBS work, live and play in the same communities as our clients. We recognize that one of the best ways to help build better communities is through contributing to well-established non-profit organizations already dedicated to serving our community. Our attorneys proudly support the following organizations: