KKBS Announces Settlement of Santa Monica Parking Ticket Lawsuit


On August 28, 2012, KKBS clients Stanley H. and Harriet P. Epstein reached a settlement with the City of Santa Monica and Xerox State & Local Solutions, Inc. in a class action case pending in Los Angeles Superior Court.  The Epsteins had alleged that the City and Xerox failed to provide to motorists the reason why their parking citations challenges were unsuccessful.  Vehicle Code Section 40215 was amended, effective January 1, 2009 to require that such reasons be given.

Under the terms of the settlement agreement, the City and Xerox are required to provide to approximately 18,000 motorists an opportunity to receive the reason for the non-cancellation of the citation and if they desire, to appeal the decision to an administrative hearing officer.  The City and Xerox will also mail to approximately 2,500 motorists, prior administrative hearing officer decisions that were not previously sent.

A copy of the settlement agreement can be found here.